Creative Coaching

What does it Do?

• Unlocks and rejuvenates your creative mind
• Translates ideas into reality
• Inspires you to develop your ideas
• Breaks up creative blocks
• Helps overcome doubts and fears
• Gives support and inspiration
• Clarifies and magnifies your vision

Does this apply to you?

• I have lots of creative ideas but never get to them
• Creativity overwhelms me but I’m still drawn to it
• I take myself and creativity way to seriously
• It’s already been done by someone else, but I’d still like to do it
• I have a lots of things I’ve started but never finished
• My creativity is leaving me feeling unhealed and unfulfilled
• I’m not creative but wish I were

If any or all of these apply then creative coaching could be the answer for you.

How it works?

I offer a free half hour consultation to discuss your needs and how many sessions you feel will suit you. Sessions can be a one time only, periodically, recurring as boosters whenever needed or regularly scheduled. You know best.

A one hour session at your home or office is 75€
A one hour Skype session is 65€
A package of 4 one hour in person sessions is 250€
A package of 4 one hour Skype sessions is 210€

The sessions can be once a week, once a month or spread out anyway you like. All sessions are one to one. Skype sessions can happen no matter where you are in the world from the comfort of your home.

I will supplement our person to person sessions by mailing you articles, resources or other information that address your needs,wants, desires and interests.

I produce results with my experience and background. You aren’t buying time, you’re buying results.

Who am I?

Julie Andrews, no not that one.  I am originally from San Francisco but have lived in France for over a decade.  I am a writer, artist, film editor, dark chocolate eater, and Flâneur among other things. I am a certified creativity facilitator. I have consulted with people starting new businesses, blocked writers and artists, and creatives that need direction.

When one is embarking on a journey you need to choose a direction and set the course. If I can help with your navigation it would be my pleasure.I am here to help you discover your style, not teach you one. Creativity is defined as making or inventing something new. It applies to everyone.  Sometimes we poo poo what we do and don’t take making a lovely meal or knitting a soft cozy sweater as being creative but it is because no one can make it the way you can.  Embrace your creations whatever they may be.

‘Serious people have few ideas and people with ideas are never serious’
-Paul Valery

Ready for the next chapter in your life, but can’t turn the page?

Contact me or +33 (0)6 8313 3388


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