Trees Are Great Role Models

Trees help keep our planet alive and who doesn’t love trees, so they must know something

If you want to help plant more trees  and help restore our planet look into Treesisters –  women seeding change

Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself


Alain de Botton and a quick exercise on self compassion.  I think in our rush to get things started and done at this time of year we all need a bit of this.

Journey To Ones Self

A thought provoking talk by the Irish Poet and Philosopher David Whyte


Refuge From The Chaos

It’s the year of the Wood Sheep

I’ve’ read many meanings and it seems to boil down to – A year to take refuge from the chaos that numbs us. It’s a time to come to our senses. Sheep appear quite mild but in actuality are toughies. They survive harsh weather, lack of food, the embarrassment of a bad haircut yet stay calm and focused.

I imagine this is what they are singing So take a bring and do a little new year dance

Dancing With Words

How we sometimes feel when writing or reading a book. A choreographer who is dyslexic expresses his experience. A truly amazing performance.

Unwrap Nature’s Gift

It’s a hectic time of year where we all get wrapped up in the wrong things. We can forget to leave space for the magic.

Watching this video may help put things in perspective.

We Are All Creators

We are all creators of the world around us. However we choose to do it. We don’t have to create a masterpiece to matter. A small thing like creating a smile for someone who needs one is enough.

An inspiring video that reminds us how important the strength of women can be

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