Art is Important

I’ve always found looking at art a great solace. I gravitate to museums when I need a spark in my life. I love getting lost in a painting and finding my way out,a bit transformed. The following quote from Alain de Botton is from his new book Art as Therapy.

We are very vulnerable, fragile creatures in desperate need of support and we generally don’t get it. … Art [can be] a source of help with our problems – our innermost problems – the problems of the soul. . . . Art can be a form of self-help and there is nothing demeaning about the concept of self-help – only the way in which some of self-help has been done so far, but there is nothing wrong with it as a concept. . . .

After watching the following video it confirms my belief in how important Artists are.

His talk is 45 minutes, so grab a cup of tea and listen to a fascinating new viewpoint on the importance of art.

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