Balance One Two Three

Head, hands and feet
I watched a funny short film yesterday The Haircut with John Cassavetes and also walked into a local spa and saw they offered a Total Balance massage Head, Hands, Feet, these two things sparked my thoughts.

Head = thinking
Hands = doing
Feet = exploring movement.

A person really needs to put all of these into action to be balanced.  If we sit all day thinking, we get off balance. If we mindlessly do things, we get off balance. If we only move around, we get off balance.     No balance = No productivity.

But if we explore, think and do, we create balance and our projects become fruitful.  With balance our life flows with ease, and isn’t  a job to push through.


1.   take a walk. get on the yoga mat, or do a little dance

2.   contemplate, meditate, think up a new idea

3.  Put your hands to work and create.

The Haircut  with the wonderful John Cassavetes   A very enjoyable watch

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