Are We Just Being Drama Queens ? Difficult vs Devastating

Are you having a difficult time?  That’s something that passes and will most likely be forgotten.  If you are going through a devastating time, it doesn’t go away and you don’t forget it.  An example – you lose your job, it is difficult.  You lose a loved one, that is devastating.


Dictionary definitions –

Difficult –  needing much effort or skill to deal with or understand.

Devastating – very destructive, shocking and distressing.


Being creative can be difficult at times, but it is not devastating.

Difficult we can repair.  Devastating we need to completely rebuild.

When things get hard and demanding, we have to pull up our bootstraps, put on our hard-hats and conquer it.   When we are destroyed and flattened, we have to put on blankets and warm slippers until we have the strength to reassemble.

Put life and creativity in prospective.

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