Feel Lighter With One Action

Want to lose the weight on your shoulders?

Take  should out of your vocabulary.  Every time you are going to say should replace it with could.

It’s miraculous. Try it –  say  I should wash the dishes = heavy, authority has spoken, negative.

now say – I could wash the dishes = light, you are in control, positive.

Could empowers us.  Should guilt’s us.

Simple words can change our attitude and posture.

It’s interesting to see how words make our body react.  I spent an afternoon experimenting and made a diagram of words and how my body  reacted.

When I say I should my lips go downward, my shoulders droop, my voice is dull and low, I feel heavy, then I say I could, my eyebrows go up, my head tilts, my voice gets higher, my body feels excited.  Try it, see how you react.

I could, opens up possibilities.  I could work 2 hours on my novel. It could be a best seller. I could get a movie deal, or maybe I could go to the park and meet an interesting person that will be a character in my novel  or I could take a nap and dream a lovely dream that could be my next book. All that makes me happy and want to dance around.

I now understand more fully why the choice of words in a story can change how people relate to it, as well as how I feel writing them.  We all have our private trigger words, but there are many that are universal.  I’m sure some scientist has done a study on it already but then maybe not.

Could you throw should out?  I did, it feels great.

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