Crabby hands

You know who they are, those tiny grasping hands in your mind stubbornly pushing to get an end result.  You have to finish this or that project or else you are a failure.  They rush you forward before your creative heart is ready.   You may get an acceptable end, but not an awesome one.

Things take time.  We sometimes need a creativity delay for that great idea to emerge.  The universe can’t be rushed. We can’t hurry up the sun or the stars, they come when they come.   Letting our crabby hands control us, only makes us crabby.   When I see a project is not going the way I want, I get crabby which is the antithesis to creativity.

When I get crabby and the grasping turns to discouragement,  I send my crabby hands out for a manicure, take a pause and ask myself why am I pushing so hard?  Do I feel passionate enough about this project to finish it joyously?  If not,  Why?  I address it and either finish it or let go.  Not everything you start has to be finished.  Many famous writers, artists,even scientists have projects sitting in drawers or closets, because deep in their hearts they knew they weren’t quite right.  Not everything you do is going to be good, let it go.

Nothing is ever wasted, what ever work you have done on a project, you learn from, if only it’s that the concept didn’t work.  Maybe that novel is really a short story or that painting is mundane, but that color you mixed was excellent.  You are just warming up for that truly fabulous creation.

So when those crabby hands start making you crabby, go to the beach and let them play.

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