Write Naked

No, not literally, well maybe, it is summer.  Play strip poker with yourself.  Read your pages. Are they authentic?  if not take something off.  Keep playing until you and your words are naked.

Real life is scary, when a dog bites, it hurts.  When we pussy-foot around and pretend it doesn’t, the reader stops because they know it’s not true.

A fear newbie writers often have is not being original.  If you reveal your naked self, you can’t help, but be original. Only you have your fingerprints.  Bravery equals vulnerability equals nakedness.

Ask yourself   –  (a) Am I saying the truth or putting on a baggy sweater?  (b) Does this feel smothered with scarves, gloves and hats or exposed and enticing in a teeny bikini?

Writing is not to hide but to reveal.  Take the clothes off your writing, let the air touch your words.   People connect with vulnerability, watch Brene Brown’s Ted talk on YouTube if you don’t believe me.

We come into this world naked and screaming ‘Hey world here I am’, then time passes, people tell us to hush put on your clothes.  We blush at the thought of going to a nude beach or telling someone that their dress is ugly.

Rock the boat,  jump over board,  Go skinny dipping

Then pick up your pen and write naked



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