Akhilanda and Creativity

Akhilanda is the Hindu Goddess whose name means Never not Broken. She wildly rides a crocodile down the river. Crocodiles don’t just chomp you, they take you into the water and spin you into disorientation.  She gains strength in always being pulled apart and putting herself back together. I look to her daily for inspiration.

The river represents the flow of life.If we fall into that flow and get dragged below the surface, we  can be spun into a colourful prism that can open our eyes to new possibilitys.

We need to break to renew ourselves. When we are broken we look at ourselves (usually from under a tearsoaked pillow) and ask what do I want from this (fill in the blank)? What don’t I want?

Breaking encourages us or should I say forces us to make changes. It allows letting go of what was and offers the chance to put the pieces back in a new way.

Creatives need to keep breaking the mold so they dont’ get mouldy.  The possiblies are limitness with all those broken pieces. Ride that crocodile.

We are never not broken, Thank Goodness.

If you want ot learn more about this rad goddess check out Eric Stoneberg’s blog.

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